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The Dabney
In 1983 Dabney Turley and Bill Hardman came to Memphis to
open a new nursery.  Dabney was returning to Memphis after
receiving a B.S. in Horticulture and spending a few years
gaining work experience
at a few nurseries in Tennessee.
Bill, a native of Oklahoma,  was Dabney's choice for a field
foreman.  Both men ha
d 30+ years in the nursery business
and successfuly 'created' The Dabney Nursery.  Together,
they created a multi-million dollar business out of a
turn-of-the-century mule barn on property that was once
the family farm.
 Sadly, we lost Bill in October, 2009.
Many things have changed since The Dabney Nursery was
ranked as West Tennessee's eighth fastest growing small
business in 1991.  One of the things that has not changed,
however, is that Dabney
is still maintaining the original
concept of providing quality plants at an affordable price.
Dabney Turley, President   42 yrs. exp.

Hubert Turley, Vice-Pres.  15 yrs. exp.

Bill Hardman, Field Mngr.  39 yrs. exp
(  July 1956---Oct. 2009)

Rhonda Gray, Nurs. Mngr. 20 yrs. exp.
Empress of China™ Dogwood
Cornus angustata 'Elsbry'
Patent: PP#14537